All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

Virgelia Villegas, is a prominent figure in the entertainment and pageantry industry  known for her role as the accomplished President and CEO of Virgelia Productions. With a background in marketing, event planning, and entertainment, she has established herself as a key figure in producing and managing high quality pageants and fashion shows in the U.S. and Asia. She emerged as a trailblazing figure in the  pageant industry and cultural event landscape. Her dedication and passion for providing opportunities for pageant contestants to express their cultural heritage, advocate for causes, enhance their confidence, personal branding and great exposure have been the hallmark of the pageants produced by Virgelia Productions. Her commitment to celebrating diversity, empowering women through these pageants and promoting cultural awareness have garnered attention and acclaim within the industry. Villegas is driven by an inspiring background and a fervent commitment to diversity, empowerment, and cultural celebration.

Born with an innate passion for showcasing culture, talent and beauty in all its forms, Virgelia embarked on a transformative journey to America at the tender age of 16, marking the commencement of an odyssey that would lead her to become a luminary in the realm of event planning. Hailing from a family that embraced a rich tapestry of traditions, she developed a deep appreciation for the beauty found in the uniqueness of every individual.

At 21, Virgelia graced the legendary halls of the Beverly Hills Hotel, laying the foundation for a remarkable career. Her trajectory soared as she ascended the ranks, becoming the Senior Catering Sales Manager at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in 1988. Subsequently, she continued her dazzling tenure at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel, accumulating 25 glorious years in the hospitality industry.

In a moment that would alter her destiny in 2003, she was bestowed with the “gift” of Miss Asia USA. Undeterred by challenges, Virgelia birthed Virgelia Productions, Inc. to house the burgeoning pageants. Juggling a demanding full-time business, her role in the hotel industry, and the responsibilities of a single mother of three, Virgelia’s tenacity became the bedrock of her success.

The turning point arrived in 2010 when her pageants were attacked by the Miss Universe organization and its owner, Donald Trump. With an unwavering determination, and an insatiable desire to succeed, she mortgaged her home to pay a team of lawyers to defend herself and her pageants. Despite all the risks she faced, she ultimately secured a historic victory in this five-year trademark lawsuit and preserved the continued performance of her cultural pageants. This triumph not only cemented her legacy, but also underscored her fearless pursuit of justice.

 Her foray into the world of pageantry marked a pivotal moment in her career. Recognizing the potential of these platforms to transcend mere aesthetics, Virgelia transformed pageants into powerful mediums for empowerment and cross-cultural dialogue. Under her leadership, the Miss Asia USA, Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Europe Global, Mrs. Europe Global, Miss Latina Global and Mrs. Latina Global pageants, embodiments of her vision, became synonymous with celebrating intelligence, diversity, and the strength found in the convergence of various cultural backgrounds.

 Virgelia’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to philanthropy have distinguished her as more than a producer—she is a cultural ambassador who fosters unity through her events. Her leadership, marked by grace and purpose, has elevated the pageants to new heights and set industry standards for inclusivity.

 Beyond the spotlight, Virgelia Villegas remains grounded, carrying the wisdom of her diverse experiences. Her background not only defines her, but also fuels her mission to create a world where beauty is a reflection of the richness inherent in the diverse tapestry of humanity. In every event she orchestrates, Virgelia continues to craft a narrative that inspires, uplifts, and unites people from all walks of life. Visit about the various pageants.