All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

In this momentous stride into the Year of the Dragon, Virgelia Productions stands as a beacon of cultural celebration, embodying strength, prosperity, and good fortune by participating in an unprecedented two back-to-back distinguished Lunar New Year parades, infusing the festivities with an unparalleled touch.

As they proudly announce their participation, Virgelia Productions takes pride in weaving a narrative of cultural richness. The TET Parade taking place on February 10, nestled in the vibrant heart of Westminster, is a dynamic celebration of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, TET. It features captivating performances, traditional cultural displays, and show-stopping floats that eloquently showcase the rich heritage of the community.

Simultaneously, the Golden Dragon Parade in Los Angeles, now celebrating its historic 125th year anniversary, stands as an iconic celebration, uniting diverse communities with grandeur. Renowned for its dazzling dragon and lion dances, cultural performances, and awe-inspiring floats, this parade becomes the stage for Virgelia Productions to shine brightly in the tapestry of cultural harmony and inclusivity within the city.

As we march into the Year of the Dragon, Virgelia Productions finds resonance in the spirit of these parades. As the float designer, Tommy Le of 3T Fabulous & Co. masterfully brings the dragon to life on the float—a symbol of power and success-it becomes not just a visual spectacle but a canvas of inspiration.

Le’s concept, marrying simplicity and elegance, reflects the float’s role as a representation of Virgelia Productions’ commitment to fostering cultural understanding and appreciation within the community. Le says, “the intricate decorations and symbolic elements showcase the dedication to weaving a narrative of unity and diversity”.

The grandeur is further elevated by the presence of the Queens from the Miss Asia USA pageant, Queen Tiffany Chang (Miss Asia USA), Queen Sandy Nguyen (Miss Asia USA International), Queen Lily Feller (Miss Teen Asia USA), Queen Bichlien Nguyen (Mrs. Asia USA International), Queen Corazon Ugalde Yellen (Mrs. Asia USA California), Queen Sindee Ngô (Mrs. Asia USA Glamour), and Queen Emily Smith (Miss Japan). Their regal presence adds a touch of elegance, intelligence, and diversity, echoing the values proudly championed by Virgelia Productions.

Participating in these consecutive Lunar New Year parades holds profound importance for Virgelia Productions. Virgelia Villegas, President of the Virgelia Productions says “It is more than a display of visual splendor; it is an active engagement with and a sincere honoring of the cultural tapestry of our community.

This unprecedented commitment echoes our mission of promoting unity and the harmonious coexistence of different cultures.” As the parades unfold, Virgelia Productions invites everyone to join in this vibrant celebration. In the grand tapestry of cultural harmony, Virgelia Productions shines brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the historic 125th year anniversary of the Golden Dragon Parade and the dynamic TET Parade, setting a new standard for cultural engagement in Southern California and beyond.