All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

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Los Angeles, California – January 30, 2010

A five year long legal dispute finally came to an end when the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York recently ruled in favor of Virgelia Villegas and Virgelia Productions, Inc. in the trademark infringement lawsuit brought against them by MISS UNIVERSE, L.P., LLLP., owner of the MISS USA Pageant (Miss Universe, L.P., LLLP is co-owned by NBC Pageants, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC Universal, Inc. and Trump Pageants, Inc.) (hereafter, “Miss USA”). Because Miss USA chose not to appeal the Court’s decision, it is now final and the ongoing legal dispute that began in 2004 is now over. In response to the Court’s ruling that dismisses Miss Universe’s challenge to Virgelia Productions’ use and registration of its trademark, Virgelia Villegas, Chairman and President of Virgelia Productions, Inc. issued this statement:

“I am overwhelmed by both a sense of relief and excitement. Throughout this ordeal, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, but I never wavered in my commitment to produce our cultural pageants to continue promoting culture and unity among all the Asian communities. The case started in Washington DC, then moved to Los Angeles, and summoned by Miss Universe Org to be moved to New York. It has been a grueling journey. But my faith and determination sustained me as we continued year after year to fight for the right to showcase the beauty and rich traditions of the Asian cultures represented in our cultural pageants. My faith, passion and determination provided the strength and resolve to face Miss USA’s daunting legal onslaught. I want to thank Patrick Hanes, Monica McCarroll, and Thomas Bergert, my talented legal team at the Williams Mullen law firm in Washington, DC, and my legal advisors Mark Robertson of Potomac Global Advisors, LLC. and Geoffrey Denenport for their outstanding legal work and support. I also want to thank our loyal sponsors and advertisers, the dedicated staff and volunteers, my family, and most of all, the Asian communities that inspired me and continued to support our cultural pageants over the past six years. Now that the lawsuit is over, I promise to keep working each day to improve the pageants and bring our annual celebrations of Asian cultures to larger audiences so that we can continue to pursue our goal of unifying the Asian communities by sharing their rich heritage and traditions.”

As we navigate forward, this landmark victory opens the doors to a bright future for Virgelia Productions, Inc. and the cultural pageants it produces and promotes. Our production team, executive committee and volunteers are focusing on the upcoming Miss Asia USA and Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageants The same passion, dedication and faith that inspired her throughout the legal process continues to drive Virgelia to produce cultural pageants that promote the beauty, values and traditions of the Asian communities that represent the 57 countries and regions of the Asian continent.

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