Are you ready to become the next queen?

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and claim your throne as the next queen? Virgelia Productions is calling all aspiring beauty queens, performers, and talented individuals to embark on a journey of a lifetime! With a legacy of producing unforgettable pageants, talent shows, and entertainment events, Virgelia Productions is your gateway to stardom.

1. Entry Fee Non-refundable Entry Fee includes an embroidered sash, rehearsals, and workshops, an official photo shoot for the souvenir program.

2. No previous pageant experience is necessary. All contestants must adhere to all the pageant requirements qualifications and the pageant rules and regulations. 

3. During the pageant, you will compete in three major categories of Evening, National Costume, and Swimwear.

4. Crowned winners will have a full term of media relations, business opportunities, philanthropy, and many more.

Tifanny Chang - 2023 Miss Asia USA winner

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