35th Anniversary

Our Pageant Titles

Miss Asia-U.S.A. tm

Miss Asia USA International

Miss Asia USA California

Miss Asia Glamour

Mrs. Asia USA tm

Mrs. Asia USA Universe

Mrs. Asia USA International

Mrs. Asia USA California

Mrs. Asia Glamour

Miss Teen Asia USA

Miss Teen Asia USA International

Miss Latina Global. tm

Mrs Latina Global tm

Miss Teen Latnia Global tm

Mrs. Latina Global California

Miss Europe Global tm

Mrs. Europe Global tm

Miss Global Ambassador

Mrs. Global Ambassador

Mrs. Philippines USA

Mrs. India USA

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All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

All images and content on this website are the exclusive proprietary properties of Virgelia Production, Inc.

Are you ready to be the next queen?

36th Anniversary

November 16, 2024

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Miss Asian Beauty Pageant

Pacific Miss Asian American Beauty Pageant

The 35th Coronation Winners

Delegate Aplication

Are you ready to be our next queen?

About Virgelia Productions

From humble beginnings, to empowering women, today.

36 Years of Excellence in

Asian Beauty Pageant, Latina Beauty Pageant, European Beauty Pageant

At Virgelia Productions, we recognize that true beauty lies within each person. Our pageants aim to unveil this inner beauty, which is demonstrated through the strength to overcome challenges and the ability to inspire and uplift others. This year’s competition highlights both the inner and outer beauty of our extraordinary Delegates.

As our Delegates take the stage, you will see their elegance, confidence, and charm. The titles awarded represent much more than just physical appearance. Our 2023 Title Holders will act as ambassadors of goodwill and culture, proudly showcasing the heritage of their ancestral countries. They will undertake numerous responsibilities during their year-long reign, maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

These prestigious titles are achieved through dedication, self-confidence, intelligence, hard work, beauty, poise, and grace. Our pageants honor Unity in Diversity, bringing together individuals from different cultures to celebrate in unity and strength.

To our esteemed Delegates and their families, we offer our deepest gratitude for your participation and cooperation over the past few months. To us, each Delegate is a victor. Regardless of the competition’s outcome tonight, every Delegate will leave with enhanced poise and confidence, excellent communication and social skills, new friendships, broader networks, and many new opportunities.

To the lucky ladies who will be crowned, we extend our heartfelt congratulations! Your triumph marks the beginning of an exciting and rewarding journey. As Title Holders, your crown and sash will symbolize your selection as the epitome of beauty, talent, intellect, and integrity. The coming year promises to be filled with prestigious opportunities, with titles that are esteemed and recognized across the United States. We proudly celebrate you and eagerly anticipate seeing you thrive as you embrace all the benefits of your coronation. Go forth and inspire the world!

International American University Logo

We are proud to be partnered with and sponsored by the International American University (IAU). IAU has been providing scholarships to the crowned queens of Virgelia Productions since 20XX.

IAU is a business school that supports international activities. Like the students we serve, IAU’s staff is as diverse as our international student body. Student-centered, affordable, and flexible, IAU provides a cozy family-like environment for F1 visa international students to study on campus and online.

IAU Building with graduate sponsored students
Three gorgeous ladies in their evening gown

Sponsor a Delegate

As the pageant industry reaches new annual growth, sponsoring delegates has been very beneficial for business and product advancement. It’s amazing for marketing, branding, useful PR, and a lot more. Sponsoring a potential titleholder can form a great or long-term relationship that will be favorable for your service in marketing. Contact our director for more information on this year’s delegates!


International American University
3T Fabulous & Co
Kenneth Barliss
Huy Khiem Photography
Jade by Alba Logo
Fairooz Bar - Resto Lounge - Banquet Hall


International American University
Jade by Alba Logo
Kenneth Barliss
Huy Khiem Photography
Fairooz Bar - Resto Lounge - Banquet Hall
3T Fabulous & Co

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